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Hints to better enjoy the site's resources
You can enter the site, choose your language, the version you wish to read and still enter chapter and verse, as well as follow the hints below.



"Write in your navigator the way that you read"

The hints that follow can be typed in this manner:
1 - "http://"+hint address
2 - "http://www." + hint address
3 - "www." + hint address
Are valid for the following domains:


When you are in a chat

When you are talking to a friend on MSN or on another chat program or still want to indicate a chapter reading, just tell him to access the site in this manner:


Indicating a chapter

If you want, for example, to indicate to someone to read John chapter 3, enter the address or


Indicando um versículo

For specific verses we created a very natural written form. You only have to select the versese that will be exhibited as we do on paper, for example, John 3:16 and: or


Indicating a sequence of verses

John 3:15-18 you can use any of the formats that you prefer: or


Indicating a verse together with a sequence of verses

And John 3:5,15-18 is:
and John 3:5,15-18,21 is:


Specifying a translated version

Still there's more! You can also specify a version you wish to read. Just put the beginning of the language and the beginning of the version before ""
John 3:5,15-18,21 in version "English - American Standard",
the same in version "English - Bible in Basic English"


Specifying the language

Thinking that this is all? No! Besides the version you can still specify the language you wish to read, as simple as this: or


All in opposite form

All that you saw can be stated in reverse form, like this: or


Thinking that it's over?

Calm down, you can still do your consultation , by address, but how?
Simply, suppose you want to locate all the places where there is "Jesus" written
You do it like this:
But if I want to search only the new testament?
Then it's like this:


Your consultation in reverse form

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